Adventure and Story

I love a good adventure. I used to joke in college that I wished there was such a thing as a major in it. Even in my early years, watching Beauty and the Beast for the first time I totally resonated with her line “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere–I want it more than I can tell” (hence my blog’s tagline).
I’d never wanted a “normal” life–the sensible job with the husband, dog, 2.5 kids and white picket fence. ADVENTURE was calling, and I intended to answer.

It’s funny how that doesn’t always end up looking like we think it’s gonna look, though…
I think that must be why I also love a good story. Tolkien, Rowling, Lewis, the Grimm brothers–all these fantastical storytellers that weave yarns of such immense intrigue and excitement that you feel like you are actually WITH these characters, ON these journeys. I can easily get so caught up in the stories and in these other lives that occasionally I have to remind myself to take a breath in reality, remembering that I am in THIS world, in THIS life and THIS story, and that God is a way better storyteller than all the “greats” combined.

But still, I do love a good adventure epic 🙂
I recently finished reading one of my favorite book series, Harry Potter, for the umpteenth time. It’s always a little sad when a great adventure ends–even when it’s one you’ve been on so many times before. 
Fortunately, real life–even more so, sometimes, than books–is an even more intense story than we expect. Though it doesn’t always feel that way, even in the mundane and arduous times, we should be encouraged: the great stories found in books and movies, rather than making us feel dissatisfied with our seemingly “ordinary” lives, should (and DO) stir within us a desire to embrace the life we’ve been given and see it for the great, adventurous story it really is. 
I think that’s what the best adventure stories do, and how you can tell a good story from a great one. Does it stir within you a desire to see your life as as equally grand a story? Or to make it so?
The greatest stories should.


Edit: this article is such a great echo of all of this


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