Baby #4

My sister had another baby today. A boy, Imri. This now makes 3 boys and one girl. My brother-in-law called me this morning with the news, and while we’re all SUPER stoked to welcome this new little guy into the world, I can’t help but feel that I’m not the only one who’s slightly disappointed it wasn’t another girl. And that feels SO very wrong, to feel disappointed by something as awesome as a new life entering into existence.

But you see, the boys in my sisters family have a shaky track record. Aiden, the oldest, has Hypotonia and verbal apraxia, while Xander, the second oldest, is autistic. So naturally the addition of another male feels something like a great leap into the unknown. Will he have any developmental issues, or will he be ok like his sister, Lizzie? What will the family dynamic be like when they all get a little older? There’s so much we don’t know and WON’T know for quite some time, but I have a feeling this will be, if anything, a stretching experience for us all. I know God is in control here, but sometimes that’s not as comforting a thought as it should be…

One thing I truly am a little heartbroken about is that my sister won’t be able to reuse all the cute little girl clothes she’s kept around. What a pity. But I’m sure Lizzie will have no problem with being the reigning princess of the house 😉


Lizzie, Aiden and Xander, last year


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